Frozen pet food is ideal for my dogs

Slow, slow was the secret of introducing natural raw food into my dogs diet. My dogs were now happy, full of life, content with their diet (and going to the loo). What I noticed was that they were utilizing the food they were eating much more than they were on a complete diet, which meant…
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I love my Dachshunds to bits.

Dachshund . I love my Dachshunds to bits. The Dachshund may look like a little dog but he is actually not in the toy group. He is in the hound group because he is a ferocious warrior. He is actually bred to fight badgers to the death. Dachshund means ‘badger hound’ in German and the…
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Akita Inu are amazing. I can’t stop!”

Akita Inu are amazing. Akita's are loyal, strong and smart. The breed is very cat-like and most play like a cat. Breed in Japan for hunting bears Akita's are stubborn and need socialisation and training. They are animal aggressive and you need a strong demeanor and know the training. Their outdoor run should be fenced.…
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My Friend

This is my friend Sally. Sally was the poorly one out of the litter. She was very slow to develop and her mother abandoned her knowing she was so weak. We nursed her for the first 4 weeks of her life and with some luck and plenty of love she grew stronger and now today…
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American Bulldog

Great with youngsters and various other animals– specifically if you mingle them beforehand to promote their naturally friendly personalities. Great guard in the home Initially bred to protect live-stocks as well as guard the farm.
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Meet my Yorkie

Princess might be small in size but she is big in personality and is a feisty but loving companion. She lives in a flat in Portsmouth and is devoted to my nanny.  
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