Snuggles Dog Grooming

snuggles dog grooming"A good groom is never cheap

dog grooming

and a cheap groom is never good"

  • We operate an open plan salon.

  • We are Qualified groomers

  • Certified in pet first aid.

  • All dogs are dried by hand.

  • We do not use drying cabinets.

  • Definitely no cages.

  • Plenty of freshwater available.

  • Friendly, caring groomers

  • Equipment which helps the older doggies.

  • We groom in full view

  • We are fully insured.

  • Attend regular seminars to improve our knowledge.

  • To ensure your dog gets the 5-star attention it deserves, we only take a limited number of dogs each day per groomer.

  • All dogs get 100% of our attention, cuddles, and fuss.

  • We take our time to discuss your grooming requirements and listen to our customers.

  • Helpful advice for you to take home.

  • Attention to detail in the styling of your dog.

  • We only use one of the best shampoo and conditioners on the market.

  • We also accept credit & debit cards. (Except Amex).

    snuggles dog grooming

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You can now bath and dry your own dog after that muddy walk, without getting your own bathroom full of hair, and lifting your dog into your bath.  Enjoy the experience with your dog but without the stress.

We have everything you need to wash and dry your own dog in our stainless steel bath with a high powered dryer and shower which has a temperature-controlled unit so you don't have to worry about your dog overheating.

We will also supply you with shampoo.

If you require a medicated, oatmeal or flea shampoo then please ask.

The flea shampoo will be charged at an extra cost.  This cost includes the shampoo and the treatment needed to fumigate the washroom after use.

Also provided is an apron, so you don't have to worry about your clothes getting too wet in the process.

We will also provide you with a towel.

This is all included in the price.

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